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big-list is an up to date list of diaries of interest, including review diaries and template design diaries. all the links on big-list will be checked regularly to make sure the site is either still active or still offering something worth linking to.

big-list will also feature a new site regularly, outlining what the site offers. If you wish your diary to be featured please leave us a note or send us an e-mail

we have listed as many diaries offering these services as we can find. if you diary is listed here but you would it to be removed then please leave a note or send an e-mail telling us that you would like to be removed and you will be removed asap.

if your diary is not listed here but you would like it to be listed then please leave a note or send us an e-mail telling us where your diary is and what it offers.

note to be listed in big list you must :

  • be diaryland diary or contain a big-list link
  • not be locked
  • have added an entry in the last month (review sites, advice sites etc.)
  • either have accessable templates or be offering an active custom design service(designs sites)

big-list will accept other diaries outside of diaryland. If your diary is not a diaryland diary you must apply to be listed, and your diary must contain a link back to big-list.

please be aware that big-list is not responsable for the content of any of the sites listed

big-list reserves the right to refuse any diary or site from the list for any reason

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